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It’s not uncommon that most people don’t understand why every women should have her own boudoir experience. Most people think you need a partner to gift the boudoir pictures, or that you need a special occasion, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.


The studio has been privileged to serve hundreds of guests in the studio and each woman has had their own ah-ha moment. In an effort to share their unique life-changing experiences, I posted this question my private facebook group:

“Why should every woman have her own boudoir experience?”

These are some of their responses:

  • The biggest reason why you should do a boudoir session is because it’s an adventure about finding out who you are and finding confidence you never thought you had.
  • This is an experience that brings you closer to yourself.
  • This was one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done and I just turned sixty last year.
  • I’ve always wanted to model but knew I was too short, too heavy or not proportioned properly for societal standards. So for my 57th birthday I gave myself the gift of empowerment.
  • My boudoir photoshoot allowed me the opportunity to not only have beautiful images of myself but it allowed me the opportunity to stand outside of myself and see myself objectively and through someone else’s eyes.
  • It gave me the opportunity to see how beautiful I am inside and out. Yes, my insides hate me for medical reasons, but outside..I AM BEAUTIFUL! I was able to show a side of myself I never knew I had.. I felt sexy, sassy, and fearless.
  • I did my first shoot for my husband and it was so empowering! This year I lost almost 20 pounds and I’m doing the shoot for me. I’ll think about showing him the photos 😂 but I just want it to be a celebration of myself. I give so much for my kids and my family, I think it’s ok to do something for yourself every now and then.
  • I looked back at the diary Jill asked me to write before my shoot. The girl looking back at me in my pictures is all of these things and more. Undoubtedly because Jill made a space where I felt comfortable and beautiful. “The woman I want to see in the pictures is strong, beautiful, confident, smiling, assured, sexy and having fun. I want to feel like I look good and I know I look good. I want her to know how beautiful she is, with all her flaws and imperfections. I want her smile and confidence to be the thing that comes through the most. I want the pictures to reflect that woman I have become in many ways. Accomplished, centered, smart, and happy. Someone who knows her power and knows the affect it can have on people.I want to look at these pictures and want to be her. “
  • It’s taking time to spend on yourself – the time, resources, and just a moment to do something just for you – plus have beautiful memories. But it is more than pictures, it’s a letting go and meeting yourself, sometimes getting to know part of yourself you didn’t know existed – pushing comfort zones and finding strength, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and finding a passion within. It’s a chance to see and experience the “you” that many see and we never let ourselves see. The photos are fun and spark a memory, but it’s the experience that is truly life changing.
  • I believe it’s a way for a woman to embrace her Beauty ! I also believe it will help a woman to love herself/ body and realize what she has to offer! 
  • Every woman should realise how beautiful she is, both inside and out. We are all amazing women! Our size, colour, features, imperfections that’s what makes us unique and magical! 
  • Because at 70 from this experience I am beautiful inside and out
  • Part of this journey is learning to love myself again. Part of loving myself is learning to accept all the scars that I’ve hated for so long as well as the changes to my body that came with time and age. I have many reasons to not do things for myself this was my time to go for it something that was just for me and it was worth leaving the stress on the floor melting into the poses, I left being a mom at the door I left being the woman who was cheated on in the parking lot and stopped listening to the doubts playing in my head you’re overweight too muscular, too titanium, too cold hearted, too independent those words didn’t follow me to the shoot I took stairs with every step I built my queen confidence I was going to enjoy the day no matter what! 
  • Lift your confidence, feel good about yourself
  • It is to believe that you are good enough, and beautiful enough.
  • For me it helped me move past my self doubt. By allowing myself to be vulnerable while being photographed, I finally could see how elegant, and beautiful I was. It was empowering. Cat was amazing!
  • Let’s loose the tiger kitten in you!

You can read one guest’s story in more detail here and find out why boudoir was so powerful for her and how it helped increase her self-confidence.

If you’re looking for a fun, memorable experience and want some of the results these guests had, contact us and will be in touch to provide you with all the details of our signature beauty and boudoir experience!

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