Meet YourTampa Boudoir Photographer

I'm Jill, and I can't wait to share the love.

I live for the moments when I can help women on the path back home to (re)discovering their inner light.

The mission

Lunar Body Boudoir was created out of the desire to help you increase your self-love and confidence.

You're a divine spirit living as part of a human experience.  You've probably forgotten about that because life has had it's fair share of ups and downs, it's created self-doubt, negative self-talk, and fed your comparison monster.  It's our mission to be part of your journey back home -to remember who you really are - through the different healing methods offered and our signature boudoir photoshoot experience.  It's time to come home to yourself and remember you are beautiful inside and out.

We've been at this a while. Here's a little bit about the biz.

The main brand, Jillian Joseph Photography, was born.  The focus was on documenting weddings and engagements.


By 2017 my husband, Joe, and I photographed hundreds of weddings in places that include our home state of Florida, Maui, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Georgia, Texas, Chicago, and more.  We were growing tired of living out of suitcases and wanted a home base and more time with the kids on the weekends.


Through guidance in my meditation practice, I took the leap and opened my first studio location and Lunar Body Boudoir launched and grew quickly!


I moved to my current studio location because I needed more space to serve my guests. It was my first time building out a new studio location and it was both nerve wracking and exciting!


Spring of 2021 is when Cat joined the studio to help with photographing guests in the studio so I can focus more on offering our guests the inner healing work through retreats, online courses, and coaching that will launch in late 2022!  You'll still find me behind the camera from time-to-time though!


Tons of Local and Destination Weddings

what a year, eh?



I love blazers. Seriously, I own more than I should because it's usually too hot in Florida.


The first year I got my passport I traveled to four different countries.


I'm obsessed with plants. I even eat them. I'm a vegetarian.


I consume every self-help book or course I can.  

about Jill

Even more!


Favorite indulgence

Have I mentioned Moe's queso yet?

celeb i'd love to meet

Meghan Markle

Guilty pleasure

Gummy candies

alternate universe job:


favorite place i've been:

Costa Rica or Ireland. It's so close!

drink of choice

Red wine or Whiskey neat

can't live without


usually craving

Moe's Queso or Curry

beach vs Forest

Gimmie all the plants!

favorite show to binge

Stranger Things, Dark, Outlander


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