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Wesley Chapel's Top Rated Boudoir Photoshoot Experience

Confident women stand taller, they know how to hold the space they're in, and everyone notices when they walk in a room because people can sense their positive energy.  Confident women don't doubt themselves, entertain negative self-talk, or tolerate bad treatment from others because they know who they are and they stand in their power. 

Lunar Body Boudoir was birthed out of the desire to help as many women as possible to catapult towards confidence.  It was created as a path towards healing - body, mind, and soul. 

Are you ready to become a confident woman?


How many of these statements do you agree with?

How Many of These Statements Do You Agree With?


I'm exhausted from trying to do it all and be everything to everyone in my life. 


I'm feeling emotionally drained from constantly battling my own negative self-talk and low self-esteem.  


I've spent the last few years identifying myself by my job title, my relationship title, or motherhood and things have changed leaving me wondering who I am beyond those titles.  


I've experienced trauma in my life that has left emotional scars and I want to feel empowered again. 


I haven't felt in touch with my feminine, sensual side in - well...I don't want to admit how long it's really been, but it's been a long time!  


A personalized, luxury boudoir photoshoot experience for women brave enough to (re)discover their inner spark - body, mind, and soul for a true

Your dream boudoir photoshoot experience


You'll be able to see yourself and your worth as a woman apart from your titles.

How does this sound?

You'll be able to finally connect to your feminine sensuality and recognize your own beauty.



the results you're going to get:

You'll start to recognize yourself as worthy and begin to prioritize yourself.


You'll feel more empowered knowing you have control over your body and sexuality.


You'll begin to see yourself the way those who love you see you. 


Yes, I'm in!

"Thank you for helping me         myself."


This experience has boosted my self esteem.. I felt sexy, I felt beautiful, but most importantly I felt worthy of taking a day to myself and enjoying just being ME (not wife, not mom, not nurse, nor any other title I hold). 


Count me in!

You live a busy life where it feels like you're stretched so thin you simply can't imagine taking you time.  You know what I'm talking about.  Taking the extra time to prep yourself in hair and makeup on the daily beyond moisturizer, mascara, lip balm, and a top knot bun.  No judgement here, friend. We're speaking from experience. But this boudoir experience is made just for busy ladies just like you!  Leave your hair, makeup, styling, posing, and lighting to us - the pros.  Your only job with us is to simply say yes to yourself and show up. We'll take care of the rest and help show you the magic that's been inside of you all along. 

We hear your doubts.  You want this, but think you can't pull it off. 

Think again...

What's Your Style?

At Lunar Body Boudoir, we recognize that you're uniquely you.  That's why no two photo sessions are exactly the same.  We want to use your journal answers and things we learn about you from our conversations to be able to use our expertise in posing, lighting, and styling to create portraits that showcase the very best version of you.  Preview our galleries and see which style you resonate with most.  And don't feel like you have to choose just one style because we can incorporate the all!

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Let's find out...

What's Your Boudoir Style and What Does It Say About You?



fine art nude

classic boudoir

Not sure?

curious? take the quiz 

Want to see what your feminine energy is, what it says about you, which boudoir style is right for you, and how to unashamedly own your divine superpower?  

Take the quiz!

professional hair & makeup styling

full pose coaching

professional image retouching

Award-Winning photography

private, commercial studio

experienced all-female team

100% private & confidential

step-by-step boudoir prep guide

studio wardrobe with 500+ pieces

7+ luxury sets in the studio

same-day image reveal & ordering

luxury albums & artwork

Every Boudoir Experience Includes: 

I'm ready to do this!

This is for you if:

You're ready to step outside of your comfort zone

You're not willing to let go of the excuses and limiting beliefs

YOu're ready to make someday today

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO make yourself a priority

You're tired of feeling not good enough

It's probably not for you if...

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO invest in yourself

Get alllllll the info about the experience.

A Walk-thru of the Signature Photoshoot Experience with Lunar Body Boudoir.  It includes: pricing, photoshoot timeline, turnaround, payment options, and many F.A.Q., plus before and afters!

more info?

...and this photoshoot is the only one of its kind because...

The Lunar Body Boudoir approach addresses the whole person - inside and out

The path towards self-acceptance, confidence, and self-love is so much more than skin deep and that's something a photoshoot with Lunar Body Boudoir addresses.  

This studio was created out Jill's own path towards healing and she wants help as many women as possible to join her towards a healthy, empowered self-image.  That's why you'll start your experience with journaling prompts that are provided in your welcome materials.  

We know that a photoshoot alone is not going to undo decades of negative self-talk or hurtful experiences, but we begin the path towards an improved self-image where you can dig deeper into who you are, why you matter, and why you deserve to exist in portraits through our questionnaire and journaling exercise.   This experience is more than skin deep - it focuses on you from the inside out.

"The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do."

— unknown

We're Jill & Cat, and we're in the biz of confidence.

Generation X. Generation Z.  Enneagram 8. Enneagram 7. While we celebrate our differences, it's our shared goal to help women on the path to a healthy self-love that makes us stick together like glue.

more about us

who are we?

You're not alone.  If you're here, it's because you're meant to be here.  Something in your inner knowing sparked your curiosity because this is the antidote to playing it small..  You've spent far too long doubting yourself and hiding.  Isn't it time you finally showed up for yourself as the best version of you that you can possibly be?  You owe it to yourself and you owe it to those who love you because they're rooting for you and so are we. 

You're braver than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you this actually works.

You're in the right place.

yup, need this



In their own words...

this can be you, too!




this can be you, too!


In their own words...



this can be you, too!


In their own words...



this can be you, too!


In their own words...

Free Download!

Self-Discovery Journal

I've lived long enough to know that beauty and boudoir portraits alone aren't going to undo decades of experiences that fed a bad self-image, which is why I've created a journal that's designed with the purpose of helping you (re)discover who you are right now apart from your titles, get to the root of where your negative self-talk came from, and get you on the path to empowerment.

I don't know what to wear and don't own any lingerie.  Can you help me?

So you’re wondering what to wear for your boudoir session? No worries! We got you covered! Literally! The Client Closet was created with you in mind. It has sizes ranging from 0 to 5XL in a variety of boudoir outfits like body suits, thigh-highs, kimonos, corsets, accessories, etc. Believe it or not, boudoir clothing can be just about anything and can range from classic lingerie to jean jackets and Converse. We always suggest bringing a few favorite pieces with you and we can go over your wardrobe and create 3 amazing looks while you’re in hair and makeup. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you share my photos?

You can rest assured that we respect your privacy and would never violate it. Some of our clients are perfectly okay with us sharing some or all of their beautiful photos and some prefer to keep their photos private. Just let us know which option you’d like and we’ll make it happen.  

Where are you located?

The boutique photography studio is located in Wesley Chapel, Florida in the Grove Shopping Plaza in the two story brick building in front of TJ Maxx. The address is 6027 Wesley Grove Boulevard, Suite 202, Wesley Chapel, Florida 33544. The studio is open by appointment only, so you can relax knowing that you will be the only client in the studio during your boudoir photo shoot experience. 

What are my payment options?

The studio can accept cash, credit, debit, PayPal Credit, Affirm, in-studio payment plans up to 3 months, layaway, and our referral program.

How much editing is done? I don't think I'll look like the women in your photos.

Our editors use photoshop with integrity. Simply put, it's use it to clean up small things like clothing imprints, bruises, and bumps, but we do not warp your body in a way that changes the integrity of your shape. Lunar Body Boudoir was created to help women feel comfortable and confident in the skin their in. Using photoshop to warp your body would go against the entire message of self-love and self-acceptance. With proper guided posing, lighting, and wardrobe we promise that you will love the way you look because you are beautiful just the way you are!   You just need to be shown what others see.

Who is boudoir for?  

A boudoir experience is for any adult woman who wants to feel more confidence, more self-love, and wants to feel amazing! We work with everyday women just like you - career women, mothers, grandmothers, brides-to-be, women healing from past traumas, and women who are celebrating a milestone.  

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We completely understand.  Taking the brave step to say yes to yourself and finally make yourself a priority is a huge step.  You want to make sure you're making the right move and we're here to help you every step of the way. You have questions. We have answers. We're here for you.

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Helping women love themselves inside and out through photoshoots, retreats, and courses.

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