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You Earned The Right To Be A Priority In Your Own Life.

This is your life.  Make it count.  Step out of your comfort zone and tell the negative self-talk to take a back seat because you're showing up for yourself starting now.  Why?  Because you can't truly love anyone else before you first learn to love yourself. 

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The one thing you've neglected all these years?

here's how we can help:

I get it—it feels self-indulgent.  You were taught that your kids, your partner, and your career are supposed to come first, making you and what sets your heart on fire last on the list.  However, time flies, your kids will grow up, and careers can change, which could leave you standing there wondering where to begin.  If you're ready to get your spark back and want to build your confidence, increase your self-esteem and self-love, read on, my friend.


Women tend to lose sight of themselves—years of raising kids, being the best PTA mom, and climbing the career ladder isn’t always sexy.  You tell yourself it’s temporary, and you'll do something for yourself someday.  Let's get your spark back and make someday today!

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Designed to provide the time, the setting, and the guidance you need to help you heal so you feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to manifest the life you want and know you deserve.

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Online Courses

Are you interested in the retreats, but were you ready to start this healing journey like 5 minutes ago?  Then these bite-sized, big-impact online courses are just for you!

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Boudoir Photoshoots

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Which Style Is Right For Me?



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Want to see what your feminine energy is, what it says about you, which boudoir style is right for you, and how to unashamedly own your divine superpower?  

“This experience was literally                         for me! I went in a wife and mom of 4 who hated herself and her body. In the months since my shoot, I have begun to love myself for the first time in my life.  It's truly amazing!! Please do this for yourself!"

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One of us Gen X and one of us is Gen Z.  One of us is an enneagram 8 and one of us is an enneagram 7.  While we're each unique in many ways, we have a core common goal of helping women on the path to an increased self-acceptance and self-love journey. Wanna see how we do that?

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A Walk-thru of the Signature Photoshoot Experience with Lunar Body Boudoir.  It includes: pricing, photoshoot timeline, turnaround, payment options, and many F.A.Q., plus before and afters!

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