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Read My Top 6 Tips To Find The Perfect Photographer Below

So you’re wondering how to choose the perfect Florida boudoir photographer for your boudoir session, huh? With so many options, how do you narrow it down to make sure you pick the best studio for you? After scrolling through social media and websites it can become overwhelming! That’s why I’ve put together a list of the top 5 things to consider when you’re researching boudoir photography in Florida and beyond.

Lucky for you, I’ve been a professional photographer in Florida for over a decade with experience in multiple genres and a background in black and white film photography, so I’ve learned, from experience, what is most important and I’ve curated a client experience that delivers on the points I know can make or break your experience.


Top 7 things to consider when looking for the perfect boudoir photographer in Florida and beyond.

1. Experience

A lack of technical lighting knowledge, posing mastery, and styling ability could actually add to an already damaged self-image. I’ve found that most of the studio’s guests are seeking so much more than boudoir photos of themselves. What they’re really looking for is a way to boost the way they feel about themselves.

2. What’s Included

Also, ask what’s included. At my studio, I designed a boudoir experience that address you from the inside out, so I provide a journal, professional hair and makeup styling, access to my huge studio closet with sizes ranging from 5XL-00, shoes from sz 12-5.5, and accessories, a huge commercial grade studio with lots of different sets, prep guides, consultations, and so much more! My studio guests are with the team for the whole day.


3. Location

I’m not just talking about the physical address and city your boudoir session would take place in. I’m talking about the type of location. One thing to consider when selecting a Florida boudoir photographer is where they hold their sessions. Is it in their personal home, a hotel room, outdoors in a public space, or in a commercial grade studio? A personal home could have video cameras set up and is a home, not a business, a hotel room lends itself to questionable intentions, and who would want to risk indecent exposure outdoors? Once you find a legitimate boudoir studio in a commercial building you should find one that is relatively easy to get to from your location.

Lunar Body Boudoir studio is located in the North end of Tampa Bay in Wesley Chapel off of Interstate 75 and Highway 54 in The Grove Shopping Center.

4. Boudoir Photos Portfolio

  • Do they show they can pose All body types?

Do you see a wide range of body shapes, ethnicities, lighting, creativity, and styles represented? It’s important that your photographer knows how to pose, light, and style all body types – not just the fit 20-somethings. I mean, let’s be serious here, shall we? Out of all my years of experience, I’ve only met a small handful of women who said they loved every part of their body, so if your photographer doesn’t know how to pose to minimize a tummy bulge or other areas of concern, you should keep looking until you find one who does.

  • Do you see diversity in their posing and lighting?

Are you seeing the same 60 poses over and over or are you seeing that the photographer really incorporates creativity into creating their client’s boudoir portraits? You can see different boudoir styles my studio offers in the galleries.

5. Reviews

In today’s online world, it’s easier than ever to read about previous client’s experiences with businesses. Things to look for when looking at reviews are the number of reviews they have. If they have any less-than-perfect reviews, how many are less than perfect in comparison to the number of rave reviews? Did the business owner respond to any negative reviews? If so, how did they respond? Did they use a professional tone or blame the reviewer? When looking at the rave reviews, look for common themes. What are elements of a guest’s positive or negative experience that are mentioned in the reviews?Look for patterns. Reviews will tell a story. You should read them.

6. Boudoir Session Price and Value

Last, but not least, what is the investment level and what do you get for your investment?

If all new cars sell between $15k and $80k on up and a car salesman tries to sell you a new car for $5k, the first question you’d probably ask is, “What’s wrong with it?”, right?

I always encourage people to think of shopping for a boudoir experience like they would shop for a new car. All cars have four wheels and get you from point A to point B, but their price tags span a HUGE range based on how many luxury features are offered, warranty, quality, reputation, etc. If all new cars sell between $15k and $80k on up and a car salesman tries to sell you a new car for $5k, the first question you’d probably ask is, “What’s wrong with it?”, right? If a boudoir photographer in Florida, or anywhere for that matter, is offering something that seems too good to be true, it probably is.


7. Payment and Financing Options

The last point on pricing to consider is how many different payment options does the studio offer? A full day, luxury portrait experience is is on the top of most women’s bucket list, and having flexible payment options available makes this type of experience more easily attainable.

With so many options when selecting your boudoir photographer in Florida, I hope reviewing each choice while keeping these top seven tips in mind will prove helpful so you can get the best experience possible. You may also want to check sites like for a review of the top boudoir photography studios in Tampa Bay Florida. My studio has been voted as a top boudoir studio two years running! Check out the article and see what they have to say.

Want more info on our Signature Photoshoot Experience? Schedule a call and we’ll be in touch!

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